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our philosophy

Peekaboo provides families in our diverse local community with a safe, stimulating, fun learning environment; where our children are loved, respected, valued and nurtured in our enriching surroundings that encourage them to realize their unique potential and to respect and embrace the differences in others. Providing good nutrition to our children is an important building block for children’s future health.

We aim for families and educators to work hand in hand to provide a healthy community within our Centre. We provide an environment that promotes physical activity and nutrition to support our children’s well being. We are committed to a genuine partnership with families/whānau and welcome the active contribution and collaboration of parents and families to their child's growth and development.

Peekaboo provides the children with various settings in which to explore, interact and gain knowledge. These areas range from our Natural garden through to teacher directed activities and learning. Our professional teaching team encourage a passion for learning and thus they establish a foundation and desire for life-long learning within the child.

At Peekaboo we embrace multiculturalism while acknowledging the unique place of Maori as tangata whenua. We provide our children with opportunities to develop knowledge and an understanding of the cultural heritages of all the children in the Peekaboo Community and both parties to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We are proud of our reputation as a healthy, approachable, friendly, dedicated, quality, home-away-from-home environment for our children and families.

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