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Nutrition & Well Being


At Peekaboo we have a strong belief in the importance of not just growing minds but also growing bodies as well. Health & wellbeing are crucial elements for a child’s growth and ability to learn and enjoy life.

We take our responsibility to meet the holistic development of each child seriously and that is why nutrition and our approach to providing healthy meals is of importance to us.


Our menu is carefully planned by our cook Leslene, who has been with our centre since 2010. Leslene treats Peekaboo children as part of her own family and aims to provide healthy, nutritious meals that they will enjoy eating. The menu uses a wide range of food groups, providing balanced meals that encourage children to try new foods, textures and tastes. All the food, where possible is made from scratch, with minimal sugar, no preservatives or sulphates and sourced from premium suppliers.


The Early childhood curriculum encourages services to promote healthy eating and active movement to under-fives and their families. In combination with yummy food, we ensure the children have lots of active movement. We are spoilt for outdoor space in our use of the natural garden and large carpark where we ride bikes, scooters, throw balls and play.