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Here are just a few of our parents reviews from the past year...

Le-Andre Robinson

"Peekaboo was recommended to me when my little boy was just over 4months old, as I had removed him from his previous centre (due to a terrible experience!) on a Friday and I needed a centre who could take him the following Monday. As I walked into the centre I burst into tears, tears of relief from finding a home away from home for little boy! What a welcoming and loving environment, my little guy absolutely adored his teachers in the nursery area and I knew he was totally relaxed and well loved when he started waving goodbye to me and blowing kisses. Every morning he walks to the car with a big smile and says "school" - A happy and loved child means a happy mum! I could'nt be happier with the wonderful service privided by Peekaboo and all their friendly and caring teachers! A bonus is their amazing in centre cook, Leslene who makes me the most delicious and nutricious food for all the little bellies at the centre."


I don't even know where to start! I can't sing praise enough of this wonderful Childcare family. Our son attended Peekaboo for two years. He didn't settle in easily but Peekaboo staff and management was incredibly patient with him and greeted us every morning as if it was our first day attending. We love everything about the centre especially the effort they put in to acknowledge and develop each child's interests! The staff is incredible and the kids feel safe and loved. Leaving for "big school" was the saddest day for us!


Both of my daughters have attended Peekaboo, and they have both loved being there. The staff and management are fantastic, they don't treat you like a number but as a part of the family. The centre itself is really well resourced and the bush area out back is brilliant for educating kids about nature. Both of the girls were so ready for school by the time they left which is a testament to the hard work and skills of the teaching staff. Highly, highly recommended!


My daughter has been attending Peekaboo for a year. we could not say enough thank you to the Peekaboo team for their incredible contribution to her growth and development. 

The teachers are awesome. They are kind and caring individuals. The communication at drop-off or pick-up is always open and easy. They always willing to share my daughter’s highlights of the day. For me, it definitely makes going to work so much easier, knowing my child is in a loving and caring environment. My daughter loves it. Every now and then when we drive pass by on weekends, she tells me she wants to go to Daycare. I guess that tells all.

Last but not least – Peekaboo offers children exposure to natures. They have a huge natural garden at the back, where children find trees, Pukekos, chickens and a vegie garden. We were given a pot of Sunflower just before Christmas, which my daughter planted the seeds at Peekaboo. It started blooming early this week. This is amazing. Peekaboo is a very special place, and we feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of it.


My son has attended Peekaboo for nearly 2 years. The quality of the teaching staff is top notch, the learning environment is diverse, fun, safe and inclusive. My son absolutely loves daycare and has really flourished at this centre. They also have a really cool bush area out the back of the centre where the kids go to play under the trees, feed chickens, get muddy and generally have a great time. Highly recommend if you're looking for a home away from home for your child.


I currently have 2 children at Peekaboo and have been fortunate enough to experience all the different areas/rooms/teachers from the nursery, through to the toddlers room and into the pre-school as my babies have grown up. The teachers are all wonderful and caring, the chef prepares beautiful healthy food every day, and the children get to play outside in the large natural garden, feeding the birds and tending to the veggie patch. Highly recommended.