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Our vision for Natural Garden Learning

  • All children are participating in progressive and creative natural garden learning experiences which reflect Te Whāriki, the Early childhood curriculum of NZ.

  • We are providing regular, frequent, enjoyable and challenging opportunities for all children to learn in the natural garden throughout their time at Peekaboo.

  • Teachers and educators establish natural garden learning experiences in the curriculum so that learning in the outdoor environment becomes a reality for all children.


Well-constructed and well-planned natural garden learning and exploration helps develop the skills of inquiry, critical thinking and reflection necessary for our children to meet the social, economic and environmental challenges of life in the 21st century. Outdoor learning connects our children with the natural world, with our heritage, culture and society, and encourages lifelong involvement and activity in New Zealand’s outdoors.

The core values of learning at Peekaboo resonate with long-standing key concepts of outdoor learning. Challenge, enjoyment, relevance, depth, development of the whole person and an adventurous approach to learning are at the core of outdoor pedagogy and are reflected in the Peekaboo priorities for learning.

Our Natural Garden environment encourages children to see themselves in a different light, building positive relationships and improving self-awareness and understanding of others. The Natural environment supports children to become responsible citizens and successful lifelong learners, who value our landscape and culture and contribute effectively to society.